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"I have a Plan!"

What is the Problem?

Liberalism is the traditional movement that supported greater individual rights, and a less intrusive and not all powerful government. (it is not the modern "liberalism" in quotes which advocates state control of the economy, and state welfare.) Well-known liberals were John Locke, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin and liberalism has seen many other activists worldwide, and still does.

Most of the First World countries are Liberal to one extent or another. Nevertheless, it seems that in many countries it's hard to protect this Liberalism against the greedy clutches of the politicians that run their democratic regimes. They desire to undermine true liberalism in hope of either gaining electorate or funds or simply because it satisfies their corrupt nature.

Power by itself does not corrupt. Many great men and even some statesmen were noble. Many still are today. It is the society of corrupt men or internal mental contradictions that corrupt, not power itself.

Which brings us to the solution:

The Solution

The solution is very simple. We will allow anyone to designate himself as a competing statesman, without being elected. Competing statesman may cooperate with each other, go against each other, but mainly go against the elected corrupted establishment, or its undesirable activities.

Furthermore, these statesmen will formulate their own competing lawbooks, to remedy the problems in the "official" lawbook. Each judge, soldier, policeman or any other government worker, can choose the appropriate lawbooks or statemen that corresponds to his view of Justice, and act upon them.

This way, the election of the government (which is nothing but a dictatorship of a dimmed will of the majority) will have little if any effect. What matters is which self-appointed statesman makes sense to the largest number of people and government officials, not who the majority elected as their tyran for 4 years.

Why isn't it Anarchy?

Very simple - we are not destroying anything that exists, in the hope that something better will come out of the void. In every stage of the Solving Revolution, water will run, Electricity will be provided, criminals who commited real crimes (murder, rape, theft, fraud, threats) will be hunted down and prosecuted - everything will operate as it does now (at least until adequate private means would supercede the government-sponosored ones).

What will happen is that gradually the politicians who are running the country by virtue of the dimmed will of the majority will lose more and more of their control. Eventually, the democratic elections may become completely meaningless. There would be a virtual "anarchy" in the sense that any wannabe statesmen will "do and let do", similar to the way that open source developers "do and let do". (and look where the open source world has advanced!).

Great! What should I do?

Volunteer! Remember it's either you or people who are much worse. We're looking for a few good men and women. If you know you are a honest and idealistic person, then you are more than qualified to become one.

Assuming that other people will volunteer for you will lead to disaster if all noble people will think the same. The solution is that none of them should think so - and all volunteer.

What is the underlying philosophy of Solving

We believe that using true competition, there will be a survival of the fittest, and the most fit philosophy that is held by honest, idealistic self-appointed statesmen will previal. It is also possible that several ones will each hold a different variation, but they would first cooperate to bring the common denominator into reality.

Privately speaking, the philosophy of the founder of Solving, Shlomi Fish is based on Neo-Tech (a more integrated, encompassing and commercial offspring of Objectivism) and "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" series by Eric S. Raymond, which is available online and licensed under an open content license.

You may come from a different background so your kilometrage may vary. However, if you believe in freedom, and desire to become self-supportive and independant, then you will be suitable as a Solving "Node". We don't really have a command-hierarchy between ourselves. So, just do and let do!

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