The Eternal Jew

This is a philosophical essay that nicely summarises the principles of my view on myself and of life. Do you think highly of yourself? Do you think highly of yourself enough? Do you think you can influence the world? It’s all there.



While, some people have commented or implied that they liked it or agreed with it, as a whole, some people gave even more positive commentary. For some reason, people felt that “I am the Messiah” was a very big hyperbole, and focused on that, despite the fact that I explain it there clearly. What a success! Another one commented that There is nothing here of positive value. The pitiful creature who is responsible for the production of these texts should have been drowned at birth; indeed, its continued survival constitutes prima facie damning evidence for the Problem of Evil. It's great that I'm so good at being bad.

But perhaps the greatest compliment was made by a commenter on my original post announcing it saying that “If this is a work of philosophy, then “Little Red Riding Hood” is an epic novel”. How is that a compliment? Let's compare “Little Red Riding Hood” to even the greatest novel of all times, Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, then:

  1. It is read by parents to their children at an early age - often the first story they read. People read Crime and Its Punishment only much later if at all.
  2. Children usually like it so much that they want to hear it again and again. Many people are so bored by Crime and Its Punishment that they don't want to read it again.
  3. More people have read Little Red Riding Hood than Crime and Its Punishment. Much more.
  4. Little Red Riding Hood’s message (that you should not trust strangers and tell them about your whereabouts) is clearer from the story and, for better or for worse, was widely more applied than the message of Crime and Its Punishment, which I'm not sure if I fully understand.

So I think it's clear that “Little Red Riding Hood” is the greatest piece of literature in the modern age, by far eclipsing all novels. Calling “The Eternal Jew”, the “Little Red Riding Hood of Philosophy” is one of the greatest compliments I can possibly get.

Combined Meme

I’m the Little Red Riding Hood of Messiahs…

(Photo of Chuck Norris holding guns with the caption of “I’m the Little Red Riding Hood of Messiahs — my Apocalypse is badder than yours”.).