I will Change the World

I am the Messiah

Which brings us to the next issue. “I will change the World” is , in fact, my creed. It is not necessarily everyone’s creed (nor should it necessarily be, if one does not have the necessary ambition), but it is mine.

Many people in history have changed the world. Many people are still changing it today. It is my desire to become one of these people, who will change the world in the future.

There is still a great deal of evil, irrationality and stupidity in the world. Despite popular belief, it should not necessarily be that way, as people are not bad by nature. (and in fact, most of the people who claim or imply otherwise are the truly evil ones). I plan to do my best to eliminate this irrationality from the world.

However, even after my co-conspirators and I succeed, I still believe there would be a place to change the world. One can change the world technologically or scientifically as well, as much as Galileo and Newton revolutionized the world of Physics up in their days, and Albert Einstein did it again among an otherwise enlightened scientific community.

Many people have a negative sense of life and try to kill such ambitions among their peers. You can hear such things as “you have no influence”, “you are nothing”, “you are just a small screw in the machine”, etc. Yet, these claims have no basis in reality and are nothing but a pointless attempt to kill ambition. Some people were able to change the world for the better, some by intention and some by accident. They did it even though they were not particularly exceptional in their intelligence or other qualities. If they could do it, so can you and I.

I am the Messiah

And while I am at changing the world, let me make another preposterous claim: I am, in fact, the Messiah. And I think every man who agrees with the previous claim should say that (at least in the present troubled times).

Some people have claimed that the Messiah will come when he is no longer needed. I have a vital correction to that: the Messiah will come when everybody assume his role. And I fully intend to be among the first to recognize this.

Another reason why I say so, is to throw it in the face of all the religious types. They are so lame that they are waiting for a Messiah to come. Well, I stopped waiting a long time ago, and simply became him. Are you going to wait as well?