The Essence of Judaism

Before we continue, I will take the time to explain why I designated myself as “The Eternal Jew” instead of something else. First of all, it is because I am really a Jew by birth. Secondly, because Jews are a people (and as such noble) rather than a religion (and as such mystical and destructive).

Judaism is a peopleship, if you may. The Jewish religion, while it does exist, is only a small part of Judaism. Other parts include the Jewish history, the Jewish creation (made by ancient and modern Jews), the Jewish culture, Jewish traditions, the Jewish ethics, and so forth. Labelling Judaism solely as a religion is a wrong thing to do for both Jews and non-Jews. Also, believing that you cannot have one without the other, is also completely not true. It is highly possible to be a member of the Jewish people, while not believing in the Jewish religion (as is the case for me).

The Bible is not solely a religious book, albeit it has been filtered and preserved relatively religious-wise. What it does is contain various writings and testimonials of the ancient Jews and Israelites. It contains historical manifests, ancient Law and Ethics, religious writings, ancient Jewish philosophy, and various fictitious stories. I’ll be the last person to say that he supports the Ethics projected by it. But it nevertheless important for modern-day Jews.

A final note regarding Jews and Israel. As well as being a Jew, I happen to be an Israeli and an Israeli citizen. Nevertheless, I fully realize that the State of Israel cannot have laws discriminating for or against non-Jews, as is the case today. Such laws are immoral, and have no excuse whatsoever. It is much more important to me that my children be noble and will denounce all forms of racism, no matter how apparently justified they are, than them being Jews. As such I call upon all Jews to support the separation of Religion from State in Israel, and turning it into an equal country. Israel is the country of the Israeli, not of the Jew.

(That put aside, I should note that I am living in Israel by choice, because I think it is an otherwise good place to live, with good, moral people. Israel is heavily attacked in the global media, many times unjustifiably. While the Israeli Law leaves a lot to be desired, and I will do my best to remedy it, it is still much better than all of the surrounding countries.)