The Value of Freedom

Freedom in Liberal thought means freedom from oppression, not freedom from responsibilities. The only limitation on freedom is that an entity cannot perform initiatory force, threat of force or fraud against any other entity or its property. Other than that, everything is allowed. This is despite the many non-crimes propagated as “crimes” by many governments or religions.

As such, freedom means the freedom to harm yourself, either by consuming harmful substances (like Alcohol, Sugar, Tobacco, or the currently illegal drugs), or by holding irrational beliefs.

Freedom also means the freedom to hold racist views, and even to practice discrimination against others, as long as they do not involve force, coercion or fraud.

Freedom means freedom to bear arms and to form alternative militias to the government-sponsored ones. (and if necessarily oppose them)

Freedom means being free to duplicate digital media, break the copy protection mechanisms imposed on it, and reverse engineer software.

Freedom does not mean one is privileged to necessarily receive any kind of support from external entities. Thus, freedom means that the government has no right to forcibly extract money out of you for most of its whims.

Freedom means the freedom to live and work everywhere you chose, as long as you find some means to support yourself. Thus, it is unethical for a government to impose immigration control on its territory.

Freedom implies the freedom of expression, which must not be violated.

Freedom means freedom of business practices, a free economy, and lack of government control of it.

Freedom means not being forced to serve in the military against one’s will.

Freedom means being able to gamble or provide gambling services, and practice or pay for prostitution.

Finally, freedom must be fully satisfied. Partial freedom is not enough, and lack of freedom in some respects can always be abused to deprive even more freedom.