The Eternal Jew

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Table of Contents

The Essence of Judaism
The Value of Eternity
The Godless Man
Why the God Concept can be used to Control
The Godless Man as an Independent Thinker
Who is the most Powerful Man on Earth?
I will Change the World
I am the Messiah
How do I Define Myself?
The Warrior Philosopher
Reflecting Society vs. Leading it
The Value of Freedom
Open Source and what it Means to me


In his famous book Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler has given his vision of “The Eternal Jew” - a people that managed to survive throughout the ages, unharmed, maintaining its own identity, in countries out of his own. He maintained that this “Eternal Jew” was destroying civilization and had to be eradicated, so the more competent “Aryan Race” would be able to flourish.

Well, Mr. Hitler, your vision has materialized: I have assumed the form of this Eternal Jew, and promise you that I will continue to haunt you and your likes forever. I, Shlomi Fish as one unified and eternal Jewish mind, body and soul.

Yes, I plan on living forever. And yes, I’m a Jew. But “The Eternal Jew” is much more than that. The Eternal Jew is aimed at haunting “gentiles” - which are not necessarily Jews or non-Jews in the traditional sense. What they are is people who have disrespect for the basic values associated with modern Judaism. And I will indeed haunt them and if I have my way, eradicate all of the “gentility” off the planet.

One final note: another famous Jewish myth similar to the Eternal Jew is “The Wandering Jew”. The Wandering Jew is also noble, but distinct from the Eternal Jew. This essay will focus solely on “The Eternal Jew”.