“LS-MS-RS-DWI!” stands for “Logic Sucks, Morality Sucks, Reality Sucks - Deal with it!”. This is one of my mottoes, and let me explain what it means.

First of all there’s the part that I mention Logic, Morality and Reality, all of which are absolute in Objectivism. But I also say that they all suck and that one should deal with it. The implication is that you cannot go on blaming others or the world at large for your problems. It is up to you to make sure you manage your way through reality, despite whatever obstacles you encounter.

You can often hear people irrationally blaming others or the world at large for their problems. Even some claimed Objectivists err on this part. Yet, this is a clear indication that they themselves are incompetent, or else they would not have needed to blame others or the world at large for their own problems.

In fact, most destructive people actively emit such routine accusations. One common theme of most doctrines is the “scape goat” principle, in which you find an enemy that can unite the followers, so they would be willing to lose their freedom for the sake of fighting him. This was the case for the Jews in Nazism, the Capitalists in Socialism, Israel for the post-WWII Arabs. It is the case for drug users in many countries today, and recently fundamentalist Islamic terrorists volunteered to be just that. (in an attempt to deprive the liberty of the innocent people).

As a godless person, it is important that one will have no scape goats of this kind, and that he or she will acknowledge that one’s problems are primarily his own, and that it is up to him to solve them.

So, just “deal with it”!