Who is the most Powerful Man on Earth?

Who is the most powerful man on Earth? Take some time to think of it before you decide on the final answer. When you are ready - read on.

Now, I’ll tell you what I would answer if someone asked me the question “Who is the most powerful man on Earth?”. I would tell them that “I am”.

The statement “I am the most powerful man on Earth” is a statement of intent, rather than stating a fact. Naturally, there are some things other people can do that I cannot do, at least not yet. But it is irrelevant to the fact that I have the greatest influence on my future, and if I so wish, on the future of the world at large.

Using this recognition, I can let no force, no matter how seemingly powerful stop me. Such a force cannot do this even if it greatly wanted to. If all people thought so, and never considered a single person their superior, the world would be a much better place.