The Value of Eternity

Most people believe that their death is inevitable. However, this may not necessarily be the case. It is highly possible that youth-rejuvenating biological immortality can be researched, implemented and become common. This will enable ordinary people to live forever, body, mind and soul. Why is it so important?

If I know I am going to die, then everything I do now is pretty much meaningless. After all, I cannot enjoy the fruits of my efforts during my death, which will probably just mean the permanent termination of my consciousness. But if I know that I can live forever, if I indeed wish to do so, then suddenly, everything becomes meaningful, again.

For thousands of years, philosophers had to deal with the inevitability of death. Some have tried to overcome it by several means. Others have tried to abuse this fact to assert some false conclusions. (like Kant who said that leaders must depend on promising their followers a good life after death - which is a blatant act of lying). All of these philosophies did not made the distance, because they accepted death.

Neo-Tech is the first philosophy I’m aware of, to fully acknowledge the importance of youth-rejuvating biological immortality, and as such and due to other reasons, it is fully complete and fully integrated.

I am The Eternal Jew partly because I fully intend to live forever. A Jew who is Eternal is someone who lives up to his greatest potential. (better even than “Jews” who are not Eternal).