The Warrior Philosopher

I am a warrior philosopher. What it means is that I’m not an Ivory Tower philosopher, who isn’t active in changing the way things are. Instead, I’m very active to promote the ideals I convey.

As a warrior philosopher, I won’t rest until the last remnants of evil are eliminated from this world. Nothing can stop me, and nothing will. There is a very delicate way to enlarge the community of warriors philosophers: first, become one, then make others, who will spread and make others as well.

Warrior philosophers are independent of one another, and each one can potentially make a world of difference for himself or herself and the surrounding society.

Another thing that is apparent about a warrior-philosopher is his commercialization. While my philosophy is free-as-in-free-speech and publicly available for everyone to read, distribute, modify and re-use, my time and presence are not. In fact, when and if I become successful, I am routinely going to demand a price for giving speeches or presentations. Perhaps even higher and higher. While I may in fact do some things for free in certain occasions, as a whole I would be a performer looking to make a living out of one of the things he likes to do and does best. (i.e: philosophy)

A warrior philosopher does not stand idly watching while the corrupt politicians are running his or her country and the world at large. Instead, he actively voices his opinion, criticizes the politicians, even claim he is the ultimate authority on what should be done. Thus, he or she is gradually taking more and more power out of the elected leadership, that the fact it was elected cannot give it more authority than if we consider the fact that a dictatorship of the majority is a good one.

Here is a thought for you: why don’t you announce yourself as a competing prime minister/president in your country? A better, more honest, and less limited alternative to the elected prime minister. In Israel at least, the leadership (prime minister and members of the parliament) are a joke and I’m certain I can do better. I don’t see the fact that most people elected someone, as anything that gives him or her an authority to become the dictator of the people. So, I’m simply going to become a competing prime minister who will uphold Liberalism, Freedom, Capitalism, Individualism, and rationality, which I cannot say that any of our elected leaders consistently do.

I won’t be a politician - just a statesman of integrity, and won’t have to constantly deal with my public image. If I am honest all the way, I don’t have to lie or to care about my public image. Some people will like me, some will hate me, but most of the people will respect me, because they’ll see I’m consistent, and eventually realize I’m very honest. Sooner or later, my co-conspirators and I will win.

If you hesitate on becoming a warrior philosopher, just remember the Modified Parable of Yotam:

The plants have gone to elect a king. They went to the vine and asked him: “would you be our king?”. The vine replied: “I have grapes to grow , so I don’t really have time for being your king. Sorry” They went to the Fig and asked him the same. The Fig replied: “Sorry, but I need to grow figs and big leaves, so I really can’t.”. And so it went on. After the ten or so plants, the Vine said: “This is getting ridiculous. Fine, forget the grapes. I’ll be your king.”

The Vine was very quickly able to organize the plants that well, that they did not have to consult him on anything. Ever. Thus, while he was still technically the king, he had plenty of time to grow grapes, without missing a single season.