Ravensborg’s Guild - A Logic Puzzle

Recent Note

I discovered some misinformation in this puzzle, which was corrected, and added an explanation of how to reach the solution.


I originally wrote this puzzle for a Role-Playing Game tournament of my friends’ local RPG club, back when I was in high school. It does not require any knowledge in Fantasy Role Playing Games to solve.

The Puzzle Itself

There are five members in the council of Ravensborg’s Guild. Two of them are thieves, two wizards and one warrior, that got there due to a wrong number. It is known that thieves always lie; wizards say one true statements and one false out of every two statements they utter, and warriors always say the truth.

Can you find out according to the statements of the council members, the profession of each one and who is the guild’s leader?

  1. One of the thieves is Krenin.
  2. The leader is a wizard.
  1. I am a thief.
  2. I am not the leader.
  1. I am the leader
  2. Rupert is a warrior.
  1. Our warrior is Rupert.
  2. Our warrior is the leader.
  1. Lamber is one of the thieves.
  2. Our leader is one of the wizards.

The solution can be found below.


Lamber says he is a thief. If he were a thief, he would lie about it, and if he were the warrior he would not say he was a thief. So he must be a wizard whose statement #1 is false, and his #2 statement is true.

Rupert says that Lamber is a thief, so he’s lying in his #1 statement. So he cannot be a warrior. Thus, Krenin and Walter are lying in their #2 and #1 statements respectively , and they cannot be warriors either. So the only one who can be a warrior is Simon.

Simon testifies in his two true statements that Krenin is a thief and that the leader is a wizard. So Krenin is a thief. Rupert in statement #2 testifies that their leader is a wizard, so this is a true statement and he is a wizard. So Walter is a thief.

Now, since the leader is a wizard, and because Lamber is a wizard, and he testifies in statement #2 that he is not the leader, then the leader must be Rupert.

To sum up the results:

RupertWizard (Leader)