Quad-Pres stands for "Quick and Dirty Presentations" and is a Perl and Website Meta Language based framework to create HTML presentations.

You can find documentation and instructions in this lecture I prepared. If you have any other questions contact me at shlomif@cpan.org.


  1. Uses Website Meta Language.
  2. Organizes the lecture into a hierarchy of sections and subections.
  3. Generates tables of contents, and navigation links.
  4. Links to a common CSS StyleSheet.
  5. A common HTML header and footer.
  6. Can be generated into a web-server directory or dynamically served using a CGI script in the presentation directory.
  7. Written in pure Perl and so is very portable.
  8. The generated code is compliant to XHTML 1.0.
  9. Support multiple themes that customize the look and feel of the slides.
  10. Supports setting several parameters to the pages: doctype strictness, language, character set, body direction.


Here are the final forms of the sample lectures.



A new stable version - 0.18.0 - was released today. This version fixes fixes the RPM .spec to use the .tar.xz file, and removes carriage returns and trailing whitespace.


A new stable version - 0.16.0 - was released today. This version fixes some old E-mails and URLs and fixes the RPM .spec.


A new stable version - 0.14.0 - was released today. This version added a test suite and converted to use CMake instead of GNU Autotools.


A new stable version - 0.12.0 - was released today. Changes in this version are:

  1. Added the Template-Toolkit configurable configuration directives.
  2. Added the $translate_control_text subroutine.
  3. Fixed some unicode problems.
  4. Some other bug-fixes.
  5. Added an automated test suite.


Released version 0.10.3 up on the heels of 0.10.1, with some important fixes.


Quad-Pres version 0.10.1 was released. This version features a multi-theme feature, that enable to customize the look and feel of the slides. Moreover, it is possible to specify several parameters as language, character set, and body direction. Other than that, a test suite was written to verify that some features of the program are not broken.


Quad-Pres version 0.8.0 was released. As opposed to previous versions, this version is now installed in a central place in the system, so there is no duplicacy in the lectures. It also generates a script in the lecture's source directory that can serve the lecture dynamically to a web page.

Webmaster: Shlomi Fish shlomif@cpan.org .