Shlomi Fish - Geek for Hire!

I’m an experienced software developer, and writer of stories, articles, essays, and presentations with a vast amount of diverse knowledge. Among the possibilities are:

Work as a Consultant or Contractor

I can be hired to work as a consultant or contractor in any of my fields of expertise. You can look at my Resumés as well as this homepage for things I have been doing in the past. I can also learn new things in the course of my work.

The hourly consultant pay is negotiable.

Some tasks I’m good at and enjoy:

  1. Adding automated tests for existing codebases.
  2. Refactoring existing codebases. (Refactoring being improving the quality of the code while maintaining its existing functionality.)
  3. Auditing an existing codebase to check for security issues.
  4. Fixing bugs in an existing codebase.
  5. Adding features to an existing codebase.

As a Hired Employee

You can also hire me as a full-time or half-time employee. I prefer to get a flat salary, and/or work in an office. I have a very good average output, and produce code of good quality.

Web-Site Construction and Maintenance

I can also be hired to perform web-site construction or maintenance. I can either set up new sites, revamp existing sites, or perform maintenance of existing sites.

I am well-aware of web standards compliance, many browser compatibility issues, accessibility, usability, and other important factors in designing a site. I may require the assistance of professional CSS or graphics designers. (Unless you do not require the page to be very visually appealing.)

Private Lessons

I am able to give private lessons in Computer-related topics.


I am available for training sessions in my fields of expertise, such as Perl, Subversion, HTML or C programming. I have already given many presentations as part of the meetings of computer-related clubs or as part of conferences in Israel. At present, I am not a very good presenter, but I’m trying to improve and I found some useful resources for giving effective presentations.